Sherwood Forest

A few photos taken on our trip to UK which somehow got us to the Sherwood Forest. An unplanned surprise location!

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Fog Collection

A few pictures I took near where I live on a foggy morning while walking my dog. The light was really good and the weather was perfect for a photo session. Enjoy!

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Working Man


I like the feeling in this photo, even though I don’t have the exact words for it. I also think it looks relly nice on Black & white!

Photo Taken with Nikon D90

ISO Speed: ISO-200

F-stop: f/5,6

Exposure Time: 1/50 sec.

Focal Lenght: 55 mm.

P.S. – The actual photo is not so dark, especially in the left part, at the pants.

A child’s Loneliness

A child's Loneliness

This kid is one of the tour guides at the Dambovicioara cave. All the guides there are little children and some of them are teenagers. This one was waiting for another group to take inside the cave and he was just sitting there, dirty and alone on an improvised bench. He had that kind of sadness you see sometimes on a kid’s face and he looked like he was lost in his thoughts for a moment. Then some tourists appeared and he went back on his job hopping to receive some money to buy an icecream like the other kids.

Photo taken with Nikon D90

F-stop: f/5.6

ISO Speed: ISO 200

Focal Lenght: 55 mm.

Exposure Time: 1/800 sec.

Spring Colors


Here’s the thing: I like the idea of a colorful Spring and I love  those flowers and the amazing smell of fresh grass, but..that’s it!  I know, there are lots of interesting flowers, but I don’t really like to photograph them because they are too beautiful to capture all that in a photograph. Still, I do it every year and when I open the computer, I realize that that that great feeling when you are surrounded by flowers is gone. So I just sit there, in front of the PC deleting the pictures I don’t love and then I don’t feel the Spring. The conclusion? I think that this season it’s wonderful, but only when you are outside because that’s when you’re feeling it! These are the first and I hope that the last photos of a season’s feeling captured in flowers. It’s summer now so I hope to find smth new to photograph..smth more action-like!

Ready, steady, Wait!


These guys were ready to start their race and I was standing there, looking thru the window and waiting for the action to begin. They were surrounded by all these magnificent and old things, but they didn’t start racing. I don’t know why because I was ready with popcorn and everything (maybe they were waiting for two more riders for those horses in the corner) After a while, I left without knowing who won the race. Anyway, my money were on the white horse, but I will never know if I was right. 🙂

Photo Taken with Nikon D40

F-Stop: 4.5

Exposure Time:  1/10 sec.

ISO Speed: ISO-800

Focal Lenght: 68 mm.

Gradient Cold

Today is warm outside and it feels like a Spring Day, but I don’t really think that the winter is done. I don’t want to get in a Spring mood (even though the warm air makes me smile), so this is why I’m posting a photo with a freezing feeling. Yes, it was a cold day, but I love those gradient colors which are hidden behind the trees.

Photo Taken with Nikon D40

Exposure Time: 1/40 sec.

F-stop: f/9

ISO Speed: ISO-200

Focal Lenght: 26 mm.